Our First Socially Distant Wedding

This past week was momentous for the Foodz team as we catered our first Socially Distant (COVID) wedding. We’re still enjoying that feeling that comes with seeing familiar faces and getting to do what we love best!

With this event came new challenges. We needed to take all the safety measures required to comply with state and county safety guidelines while also throwing a celebration that met our creative standards. The event ended up being a wild success, and we came away with valuable experience.

First things first: cover your face!

This might be stating the obvious, but all of our team members wore masks on site, as did guests. Our health and safety coordinator provided masks for anyone who forgot theirs, but mostly guests came prepared. Everyone was also handed individual bottles of hand sanitizer, and there were ample restrooms (complete with signage!) with soap and water available.

Serving the safe way

Since having an open bar wasn’t allowed under county guidelines, wine was passed instead. Galvanized tubs filled with non-alcoholic beverages were placed strategically around the venue so guests could also enjoy at their leisure while practicing social distancing.

When it came to the food, everything we served in some sort of covered vessel. This is where our creativity could shine! We had decided to utilize custom modified shadowboxes, individually wrapped plates and containers, and Chinese-style to-go boxes. Each food station featured a plexiglass divider to ensure that our staff maintained appropriate distance from guests.

Socially distant & sanitized

In addition to being handed out at the entrance to the venue, hand sanitizer was available anywhere food and beverage was served. Our staff was sure to regularly sanitize & disinfect all high-traffic areas. Additional we provided ample signage in order to help guests socially distance in common areas such as the restrooms. Guests were seated in predetermined socially distant groups, ensuring they could enjoy the ceremony without worrying.

All in all, we had a great time. Even more importantly, the guests were happy and everyone stayed safe!

Have you thrown any socially distanced weddings? We want to hear about it! Comment below and tell us how you pulled it off.