SAVOR PURSUIT! is the game about food that inspires teams to share their past experiences and bond over mystery tastings, food trivia, guessing games, and scavenger hunts!



You will will receive a box containing a recyclable game mat, two decks of cards, a pair of dice, and five surprise edible and/or sensory items to be opened and enjoyed throughout the game.

The facilitator curates and guides the experience by overseeing the rolling of the dice, hosting virtual trivia, creating scavenger hunts, and advancing the board as a group. The game ends when all the packages have been opened and a trivia winner has been announced.



  1. Each turn begins with a different player rolling their dice and advancing the entire group the correlating number of spaces
  2. Depending on which color space is landed upon, all players complete one of the following activities each turn:
    1. Blue players answer trivia questions by completing a virtual poll
    2. Red player(s) get sent on a 30-second scavenger hunt
    3. Yellow Рone player draws a shared experience card and answers it for the group
    4. Pink – one player has 60 seconds to get the others to guess as many foods as possible without using the names of the items on the ‘guess me’ cards
  3. At random intervals throughout the game, the facilitator will ring a bell that signifies a sensory experience to be experienced by all players simultaneously
  4. The game ends when all 5 taste experiences have been eaten and trivia winners have been announced



$65/person* (10 person minimum)

*shipping/handling processing fee & tax not included



Each player will receive a box containing the following:

  • Welcome card
  • 1 recyclable game board
  • 1 pawn
  • 2 dice
  • 5 taste experiences
  • 1 deck of shared experience cards
  • 1 deck of ‘guess me’ cards


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